New Balance’s Tricolor Skate Video Delayed Until August 14, 2017 – With A Brandon Westgate Part?

Pro Skateboarding, Skate Video • July 21, 2017 • 10:58 PM • By

Earlier this month New Balance Numeric held a premiere for their new video “Tricolor,” where everyone found out that Brandon Westgate had joined the New Balance team after leaving Emerica.

After feedback from the premiere came in, NB Numeric delayed the “Tricolor” release date until August 14, but made a promise to fans that it was going to be worth it.

“Tricolor is delayed till August 14th -meanwhile @pjladd is still out there stacking and filming for your viewing pleasure #nbtricolor”

Leaves you to wonder…has New Balance Numeric made the decision to include a Brandon Westgate part in “Tricolor”? So far the skate film includes parts from PJ Ladd, Franky Villani and Flo Mirtain. Fingers crossed.